Self Rescue Bracelet Expands into an Effective Floatation Device

 - Aug 11, 2012
References: tuvie
The clever design of the Self Rescue Bracelet encourages slightly weak swimmers to gain more comfort and confidence in the water. It allows them to push the boundaries of their fears without taking risks and protects them from the embarrassment of wearing chunky inflatable accessories.

In its inactive form, this object might go nearly unnoticed on the body, appearing as a subtle and slim wristband but sporting the blocked colors of white and red. Zhu Linghui, Wu Xuexing and Zhu Peizheng have ensured that their concept cuff is slight enough not to interfere with a swimmer's movements and efficiency in the pool, the lake or the ocean. However, an urgent tug on the Self Rescue Bracelet causes it to expand from compressed air and become a proper lifesaver ring.