The SL-Tainer Container Can Be Loaded and Unloaded Without Cranes

 - Jul 1, 2015
References: excaliburshelters & gizmag
Shipping containers are an extremely versatile way to house and move large amounts of cargo, but they are extremely expensive to move and require the use of heavy equipment as well as significant effort and time from workers. In order to combat the difficulties of lifting, loading and unloading humongous cargo, Excalibur Shelters has come up with the SL-Tainer -- a self-lifting shipping container that can be loaded on and off trucks without a crane.

Incredibly, the cost of loading and unloading the SL-Tainer shipping containers comes down to no more than around $1.20. Moreover, not needing a crane means there's no need for a licensed operator. This leads to savings in both revenue and time.

The SL-Tainer could have useful implications delivering cargo to rural areas and for carrying out projects that would otherwise be too expensive or impractical.