Select Nano Car Spa Gives Fancy Cars Premium Service

 - Oct 3, 2011
References: & bornrich
If ordinary car washes make you wary and your auto is a fine upstanding example of good automotive breeding, why not take a trip to Dubai and have the experts at Select Nano give your pride and joy the pampering it deserves? Select Nano is an elite spa for cars. With Ferraris and Austin Martins visiting on the regular, this spa offers top-of-the-line vehicles top-of-the-line care, and with prices hovering near the $2000 mark per visit, your car is sure to receive the highest quality service possible.

A typical trip to the auto spa includes a primary cleaning with de-ionized water and an attentive buffing with a special micro-fiber cloth, applied in a patented "throw and wipe" motion. Next, a micro-detailed inspection is carried out and nano-technology is applied in order to detect any minute imperfections in need of attention. The car is then doused in an alcohol-based solution, which is left to set overnight. This solution creates an anti-dust coating that help maintain the vehicle's natural shine for nearly year.

So, when your chariot is starting to look a little world-weary, take it to Select Nano for a little R&R.