Seedlip Grove 42 Emphasizes Orange-Based Botanicals

 - Jul 24, 2018
References: imbibe & thedrinksbusiness
Seedlip has already established itself as a leader in the dealcoholized spirits industry and its latest product, known as Seedlip Grove 42, aims to expand the brand's range with orange-based botanicals. Described as a "celebration of the Orange," this dealcoholized spirit blends copper-pot distillates, including bitter orange, mandarin, blood orange, lemongrass, ginger & lemon. According to Ben Branson, founder of Seedlip, this new spirit "marks an important focus on both the fascinating world of the Citrus genus," while also being ideal for a completely sugar and alcohol-free cocktail.

Seedlip Grove 42 is being released at a time when there has been a notable shift in how alcohol is consumed in a large portion of the world. As more consumers are inclined to drink less, but better, Seedlip Grove 42 is positioning itself as a flavor-focused spirit for a larger audience.