Eggo! by Sebastian Aumer is Surprisingly Sturdy

 - Apr 8, 2014
References: sebastianaumer & designboom
Sebastian Aumer has designed the Eggo! stool, a product made from egg shells. The entire piece isn't made from the substance, but a good 70% is, meaning that the artist took some serious time putting these together and ensuring they didn't break the minute someone sits on them.

The Eggo! stools look similar to other chairs, and if users didn't know they were made from egg shells, it would be extremely hard to tell. For those who are only looking to use environmentally friendly furniture, the stools are made from recyclable material such as starch and even vinegar. To ensure less waste was thrown away from bakeries, Sebastian Aumer took the discarded eggshells from these businesses, and used them to make these egg-based stools.

Photo Credits: designboom, sebastianaumer