Alex Cornell Designs Seating Patterns for All

For the socially inept, sometimes even the most mundane of tasks become a worrisome endeavor, like figuring out seating arrangements. Luckily, designer Alex Cornell helps people navigate through this sometimes troublesome socially awkward encounter with the aid of his 'Musical Chairs' infographic.

Cornell says that the first 45 seconds when picking a seat will determine the course of your faith at the table of whether or not you get paired up with someone of genuine interest.

Various seating placement arrangement options are detailed in the infographic from a four-person circle to an eight-seating rectangular table. It should also be noted that the graphic states there are times when there's just no way of being able to place oneself at an optimal seating spot. In those scenarios, one just has to hope that they don't get stuck at the bad end of a kiddies' table.