Curio Spice Co.'s Spicy Seasoning Salt Boasts Ginger, Seaweed and Shiitake

 - Jun 1, 2017
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'Supeq Spice' is the name of a standout seasoning salt blend from the Curio Spice Co. that includes a blend of spicy and umami ingredients.

According to the Curio Spice Co., the word "Supeq" means "ocean" and it alludes to one of the main ingredients in this unusual seasoning blend—seaweed. Alongside nutrient-rich dulse seaweed sourced from the USA, the sea salt base is elevated with the flavors of shiitake mushroom, ginger, paprika, nettle and hot chili. As a whole, the seasoning salt mix is described as having a "delicious spice" with a healthy, umami flavor.

The brand recommends sprinkling these flavored sea salts over eggs, fish, salads, sautéed vegetables or even popcorn to add an extra kick to a plain snack.