This Season Popcorn Recipe Combines Matcha and Cayenne Powder

 - Jun 16, 2016
References: blog.davidstea
Seasoned popcorn often comes in types that embrace sweet, cheesy, spicy or salty flavors, but this recipe from David's Tea offers a more unusual combination than most conventional seasonings.

The recipe calls for some popcorn seasoning staples such as melted butter and salt to taste, but what sets this snack apart are interesting ingredients like cayenne pepper powder and the Matcha Matsu tea from David's Tea.

While matcha is sometimes used as everything from a flavorful baking additive to a healthful addition to smoothies, this interesting use for the green tea powder provides an entirely new way to enjoy a light and healthy popcorn snack with a slightly spicy kick. A rise in global foodie culture has created a demand for food and drinks like these that fuse globally inspired ingredients and flavors.