The Toronto Christmas Market is Joyous and Community-Binding

The cold weather is not fun for many, but what makes it worth it is the holidays and urban seasonal markets. In Toronto, the festive gathering of communities takes place at the Distillery Historic District.

In 2018, the seasonal market marks its ninth year of operation. Full of vendors that sell handcrafted products, apple ciders, heated mulled wine, treats and the like, the festive activation is a must if you live in the city or you are just visiting. The atmosphere is positively joyous and romantic, making it an ideal destination for families, friend groups and even casual dates. Guests are able to enjoy lush decor — from stunning light canopies to gigantic Christmas trees.

Individuals are able to enter Toronto's seasonal market free of charge on weekdays but starting at 5 PM on Fridays and throughout the weekend, there is a $6 CAD admission.