1 Couple, 2 Interpretations,

 - Jul 30, 2008
References: flickr
This tremendously sensual photo set is from a Flickr collection aptly named “The SE7EN Deadly Sins.”

The images were taken by Aaron (aknacer ) and his “love” Rosie (rosiehardy), also a Flickr user. Each photographer shot their own interpretation of the 7 Deadly Sins, and while they each posed in each other's photos, the end results had very different effects. Rosie's are the set that look like painted portraits. 

Each of the seven sins is depicted by the more-than-half-naked couple, appearing to be very much enraptured by each sin.

This is still photography acting at its finest.

The images are quite intense; the Lust photo from aknacer's collection for example, is very violent, quite masochistic, yet it's undeniably still a work of art.

Their collection has not yet fully been uploaded, but check back again soon for an update.