The Scribble Table Mats are an Untidy-Looking Way to Guard Against Mess

 - May 1, 2013
The wonderfully playful thing about these Scribble Table Mats is that their function is to protect your eating surface against dents, burns and spills, yet the items appear to leave their own messes. It looks as though a child has come into the dining room with a bold black marker and scrawled all over it.

The result is actually rather endearing, as you can see that each of the coasters, the placemats and the trivets are all self-contained squiggles. The heavy and concentrated strokes end abruptly at the diameter of either 11 centimeters, 22 centimeters or 45 centimeters. The Scribble Table Mats come in either zigzagged or curling lines and have been manufactured in laser-cut elastomer material.