The Mininch was Inspired by the Pencil for Portable On-the-Go Functionality

 - Jan 8, 2015
References: kickstarter & likecool
It isn't every day that the average person will need to tighten or loosen hardware, but then it wouldn't be hard to carry around this screwdriver pen in case a requirement arises. Called the Mininch Tool Pen, this compact instrument is ideal for dismantling, fixing and building objects on the go, when you don't have your complete toolbox at hand.

A look at the six bits will show you, however, that the Mininch might be the most valuable item in your kit. It's made from durable solid aluminum into the shape of a slender writing utensil, yet it's efficiently packed with the most useful assortment of tips to tackle any sticky screw. The screwdriver pen even holds all of its ends inside its cylindrical casing. They load one within the other like a Point-a-Point pencil.