Animi Causa's Scratch Globe Artfully Keeps Track of the Places You've Been

 - Jul 2, 2014
References: animicausa & 7gadgets
The Scratch Globe lets you keep track of your travels similar to a scratch-and-win lotto card. The interactive map of the world is coated in gold foil, allowing you to scratch off the land masses with a coin, card or finger nail. When you have successfully scratched off the gold coating, a vibrantly and beautifully colored map will be revealed underneath.

The DIY Scratch Globe is also assembled by yourself at home, adding another fun, crafty element to it. Available from Animi Causa online boutique, the flat packed map makes a great gift for people returning from holidays or going away present. The rich geographical detail in addition to the scratch-off feature makes this build your own globe enormously fun.