Scoop, Stab & Spread are Clever Rudimentary Implement Reinventions

 - Dec 11, 2012
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The spoon, the fork and the knife might be tried and true eating utensils but this consideration does not detract from the success of the Scoop, Stab & Spread set. The Bestar collection has been crafted from high quality beech wood, serving up three distinctive objects to perform different tasks.

Scoop flares out so that it can effectively gather more food at the base. Karl Zahn has intended it to be ideal for thick pastes or bite-sized edibles and can incorporate a drainage slot down the center. The Stab also comes in two models and features either one prong or two. It's great for picking up cheese and other soft but solid snacks. Spread has either an angled or a flat end that's been designed for use with butter, preserves and more.