Schweini die Origamisau Recreates the Paper-Folding Process in Copper

 - Dec 12, 2012
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The making of fresh folds is not necessary when fiddling around with the Schweini die Origamisau. This peculiar doodad might first appear to be made of pleated planes but it's actually assembled from metal.

The quirky Strala object is composed of precut pieces of solid copper sheets to take the same shapes that the uncreased sections of paper would have in the true origami version of this swine design. Small bits of pliable material form flexible hinges to hold the collection of abstract fragments together. These enable you to bend the pieces into a rather geometric-looking sculpture of a pig without the need for much instruction. The Schweini die Origamisau is great as a desktop ornament, offering the option of playfully fidgeting with it when work becomes stressful.