Emily Schuman's Wedding Sneak Peak is Retro

Author Emily Schuman's Wedding Video: Sneak Peak provides a vintage look at her big day. Schuman hired the Sharkpig production company to capture the event. Founder Brian Morrow followed the couple and their beloved guests around with Super 8 film, according his review of the day and night with a vintage finish.

Schuman and her husband tossed sparklers and flower petals into the air, adding playful elements to their otherwise serious exchange of vows.

The clips are moreover quite fuzzy, zooming in once and while onto smiles and smitten glances. This trait is described in the post as "grainy" and in line with the affair's vintage motifs.

Schuman's post reveals just how important the montage is to her matrimonial documentation as she could not have possibly depicted the beauty of the day with photographs only.