Saville Row Holland & Sherry Suit

 - Dec 9, 2007   Updated: Apr 7 2011
References: luxist
This $25,000 pin striped suit is personalized with your name written in the stripes! If anybody does happen to notice then fine details, would they say anything? And if they do acknowledge it, aren't they standing a little too close for comfort?

Direct from Saville Row's Holland and Sherry, anyone can personalize their suit with any name, motto or logo.

Implications - For many indulgence-loving consumers, luxury isn't luxury until it reflects a part of themselves. There is no better way to flaunt one's wealth than to monogram their items and buy customized products. Thus, a suit like this, as well as any other pricey, customizable product, makes for a perfect addition to any wealth-flaunting individual's closet.