Save Waves by Alissa Richardson is a Way to Teach Children to Swim

 - Jun 20, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
Learning to swim within the confines of a pool is one thing, but testing your limits in the merciless ocean may require some added supervision. Save Waves by Alissa Richardson is a pair of gadgets designed keep children protected and to instruct them on how to stay alert and aware of their watery surroundings.

The designer refers to her project as both 'Save Waves' and 'Safe Waves' and the main idea is that the adult hangs onto one device, while the child is attached to the other. The child wears the wristband component snugly around his wrist, and this receives vibrating signals each time the instructor blows an electronic whistle. Save Waves by Alissa Richardson is a way for an adult to get the attention of a young swimmer, affording the opportunity to provide some directions, or as a signal that the kid needs to rethink a potentially unsafe situation.