This Cylinder Sauna Suit Offers Continual Air Circulation for Maximum Heat

 - Dec 30, 2015
References: amazon & 7gadgets
As consumers seek out natural ways to relax, the Barrel Sauna is a portable sauna suit that can be set up virtually anywhere to offer consumers a rustic space to enjoy heat therapy. The suit is cylinder in design offering better heat retention and air circulation for maximum enjoyment.

The Barrel Sauna is designed to be a keg-like vat with a rounded shape that is ideal for the great outdoors. The abode is made from exclusive Nordic spruce tree wood and features a wood fire heater inside that consumers can stock accordingly to gain their preferred level of heat. The rounded design of the space keeps the heat and steam properly circulating as the air continually runs along the spherical walls. The sauna is small in design, but comfortably fits four guests.