'Saul Good' Sells Eco and Socially Responsible Presents

 - Mar 19, 2012
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How often have you found yourself looking for a gift without any real intention beyond buying something because it was the appropriate thing to do given the occasion? When those moments arise—opportunities to buy gifts without much limitation—why not consider purchasing something that will benefit the planet and/or society at the same time?

There are companies geared just at that, like Saul Good, a Vancouver-based company that sells organic and fair trade gift baskets and promotional materials. They source all of their merchandise locally to support entrepreneurs in the community, and they wrap all of their products in environmentally-friendly packaging. In addition, Saul Good gives 1% of the purchase price to a charity of the gift recipient’s choice.

"Saul Good Gift Co. helps build relationships meaningfully by giving gifts that tell stories," the website explains. "All items are selected because they’re healthy, high quality products that are good for the environment. We source only local, organic, artisan products that often support social enterprises."

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