The Saratech Permasorb Wallpaper Absorbs and Stores Air Pollutants

 - Sep 23, 2010
References: 3rings.designerpages & core77
Who needs plants in their home when you can have the air-purifying Saratech Permasorb Wallpaper? Of course, it will be a while until it is perfect enough for the mass market to get a hold of it, but it definitely would do the job once it's out there.

Developed by the German company Blucher Technologies, the Saratech Permasorb Wallpaper "is embedded with thousands of tiny spherical absorbers, which are themselves filled with thousands of branching passages that resemble the interior of lungs," according to Core 77. This technology absorbs and stores pollutants, making this the first ever air-cleaning wallpaper.