Sans Forgetica Adds Obstructions to Better Text Retention in Readers

 - Oct 11, 2018
References: & dezeen
Created by researchers at Melbourne's RMIT University Behavioural Business Lab, Sans Forgetica is a unique new font that combines design principles and psychological theories. Deriving its name from a pun -- drawn from the font names Comic Sans and Helvetica -- Sans Forgetica is specially designed to ensure students remember what they have read. This is accomplished with a clever design that slants the letters seven degrees to the left and adds gaps int he structure of each letter.

These simple design changes aid memory by simply making the text harder to read. These obstacles force the reader's brain to work harder to decipher the text and in turn ensure that it retains the information better. According to Jo Peryman, chair of RMIT University's Behavioral Business Lab, "Sans Forgetica works by a learning principle called desirable difficulty, which is where an obstruction is added to the learning process in order to promote deeper cognitive processing."