The Collector's Container Can Hold One Harry Potter-Inspired Sandwich

 - Nov 28, 2015
References: catchitinyourmouth & store.dftba
While at first glance this container might look like an unassuming plastic sandwich case, it is in fact a commemorative product with roots to a very specific portion of the Harry Potter fandom. Available online from wizard rock pioneers Harry and the Potters at, the commemorative carrying case is designed to fit exactly one Golden Snitchwich.

The lid is decorated with what appears to be an original hand-drawn illustration of a golden snitch, plus the line "Golden Snitchwiches: Catch it in your mouth!"

Originally created by one half of Harry and the Potters, Joe DeGeorge, the illegal food venture is described as "peanut butter and Golden Graham sandwiches sold on the DL at Harry Potter conferences." This sandwich case helps you to remember this culinary experience.