The Sandia Self-Guided Bullet Can Hone in on Target

 - Feb 1, 2012
References: & dvice
The future of warfare could be changed forever by the Sandia self-guided bullet. Sandia is a defense company that has developed a bullet that can lock onto a target using a laser designator. The bullet has fins and an on board control panel that guides the bullet toward its target.

The Sandia self-guided bullet can make an astounding 30 flight changes per second and is designed purposefully not to spin when shot. In field tests the self-guided bullet managed to strike within 8 inches of a laser designated target a full half mile away from the shooter. The Sandia self-guided bullet is still a prototype; the company is looking for partners to help bring the bullet to the market. With the future of warfare getting increasingly more intelligent it shouldn't be long before some country or company pounces on these bullets.