Sandables by Quirky Can Be Formed into Different Shapes Like Clay

 - Jan 18, 2013
References: quirky & core77
Craftspeople and carpenters all know that precision is key working with wood, and the Sandables by Quirky offers a new level of precision. At least, when it comes to sanding. Although a cut of wood is often uninterrupted, when crafted into a sculpture, table or any other product, nooks and crannies are created that are hard to get into. But that doesn't present a problem for the Sandables by Quirky.

Moldable sand paper, the Sandables by Quirky have a clay-like consistency that allow them to take on specific shapes to better conform to certain areas on wood surfaces. All that a person needs to do is stick it in the microwave for three minutes and then form it into the desired shape. And voila! Versatile sandpaper.