The Sammy Ofer Centre Transforms an Old Building Design

 - Feb 8, 2018
References: archdaily
The Sammy Ofer Centre, a new facility for the London Business School, is a refurbishment of the iconic Old Marlybone Town Hall. The original building is a typical example of neoclassical architecture, and the contemporary renovations work to highlight the key features of that style while simultaneously incorporating today's most popular styles and materials.

The central design feature of the Sammy Ofer Centre is a grand atrium running through the middle of the building. The glass-enclosed lobby allows natural light to flow into the space virtually unimpeded, making it a great place for students and professors to sit and meet with one another. That glass lightness is a far cry from the heavy stone columns of the original building, but both traits were ultimately the result of striving for both height and light, so their appearance side by side is oddly fitting.

Image Credit: Fotohaus, Hufton + Crow, Alex Upton