The 'Salary Science' Infographic Measures Your Wages

If you aren't exactly "raising the roof" with your current income, then check out the 'Salary Science' infographic for some helpful tips and tidbits on how to fix certain money woes.

Created by Shaun Sanders for, the illustrated chart measures employee satisfaction in North America in correlation to their yearly income. One of the most interesting facts offered by the financially focused infographic states, "workers' happiness is only positively affected by higher incomes up to $75,000. No matter how much more is earned after this level, no greater degree of happiness is reported." This shows that money (or at least mass amounts of it) really can't buy happiness. You might not be surprised that firefighters and pediatricians are in the lead for job satisfaction, and the low score of 41.7 out of a possible 100 for biochemists is quite shocking.

Whether you're looking for job advice or are in dire need of a career change, the 'Salary Science' infographic will provide you with some friendly financial advice.