Saira de Goede Tells Vibrant Stories Through Painting Faces

 - May 20, 2013
References: sairadegoede
These beautiful paintings by Saira de Goede are heavy with emotion. Each passionate paint stroke seems to bring life and add meaning to these incredible works of art.

Toronto artist Saira de Goede paints variations of women on large canvases. She then adds depth by detailing swirling patterns and repeating shapes over their delicate features. The result is a collection of paintings that seem like they are hiding something until you take a closer look.

Vibrant color combinations such as rich red and metallic gold contrasted with cold dark blues give these paintings a strong and moody vibe. In addition, the stark white strokes add emotion. The individual characteristics of the women Saira de Goede paint are abstracted from women who have had an impact on the artist's personal life.