Saint Louis House by Christian Pottgiesser is Complete with Crannies

 - Mar 4, 2011
References: & apartmenttherapy
Your childhood fantasies of secret passageways and trapdoors come true in the Saint Louis House by Christian Pottgiesser. The Parisian home has been hollowed out of an older existing structure, claiming a tiny 375 square footage for what appears to be a one bedroom apartment.

Located in the 10th arrondissement of the French city, this delightful dwelling houses its selling feature within a sneaky staircase within the wall and a hidden portal within the ceiling over the kitchen table. The abode's sculptural character gives it life, with use of architectural masses that carve out custom furniture and quirky areas to seek refuge.

Embracing a concealed yet light-filled courtyard beyond big glass doors, the Saint Louis House by Christian Pottgiesser has all of the private comforts one would wish for, composed in the most unique way.