Safwat Saleem Shows Complex Relationships in His Art Print Series

 - May 18, 2013
References: safwatsaleem
'Coupled' is an art print series by Safwat Saleem that depicts the complicated relationships between pairs of objects. The funny prints were created for a 2013 Valentine's Day exhibit in Phoenix on the theme of love.

Saleem showcases a variety of relationship dynamics, and you'll find yourself identifying with at least one if not several of these inanimate objects; a remote-controlled car that is sick of being told what to do, Pac-Man running away from a ghost that "just wants to talk," and a lonely sock that has finally found its other half.

True to the dynamic of duos, the artist conveys the stories of the objects using just two colors for most of his prints. With just a few lines of text, shapes and colors, Saleem succinctly sums up the complexities of relationships with others.