This Safe4u Spray Campaign Markets a Product for a Clean Public Pee

 - Jun 5, 2011
References: adsoftheworld
Using public restrooms aren't the idea option, but when you're bladder is bursting, the Safe4u Spray campaign suggests a way to improve the experience as far as sanitation is concerned.

Although plenty of experiments show that the kitchen counter is often home to more bacteria than a toilet seat, the statement cannot be extended to communal facilities. The germaphobe will be happy to discover this lipstick-sized canister of antiseptic spray with which she can apply to the porcelain throne before use.

In Our Time Australia developed this large print advertisement under the direction of Grant Booker. The image portrayed features a woman clearly desperate to relieve herself, enacting a situation all too familiar to women, and people in general. It is in scenarios like the one described in the Safe4u Spray campaign when a portable anti-bacterial product is just what someone needs.