The Sabou Parfait is Decorated to Look Like a Japanese Zen Garden

While matcha desserts are a staple in Japan, a cafe in Ginza called Salon Ginza Sabou is transforming the green tea powder into a beautiful new creation called the Sabou Parfait. Literally translating into "Tea Monk Parfait," the Sabou Parfait is an artistic take on a classic Japanese treat.

The Sabou Parfait is a sweet dessert served in a traditional wooden box. The parfait is served with a matcha-coated topping that has been carved into a series of clean, semi-circular lines that resemble that of a Japanese zen rock garden -- also known as a karesansui "dry landscape" garden. The unique matcha design gives the dessert a zen-like quality that makes it ideal for foodie photography. However, in order to consume the parfait, diners have to break the surface of the dessert to reach the delicious filling, which is made up of a combination of matcha ice cream, mascarpone cream, crispy rice puffs, matcha-flavoured warabi mochi, chestnut pieces, and red beans.