RYAH is the First Vaporizer to Allow Control Over How Much is Inhaled

 - Feb 22, 2019
References: us.ryah
Created by the cannabis-focused innovators at Potbotics Inc., RYAH is a promising new vaporizer that focuses on total control over consumption with the help of a mobile application. The exciting innovation is the first product of its kind, allowing individuals to track and control how much cannabis vapor they inhale, an ideal asset especially for those using for medicinal purposes. The RYAH also allows for advanced temperature control through the app with one degree temperature intervals.

Smart cartridges containing a particular strain of cannabis are scanned by one's smartphone and inserted into the RYAH. This unique approach is another feature that sets the product apart from others on the market -- individuals are not tasked with preparing cannabis flower or oil themselves in order to load the vape. Additionally, the smart cartridges allow for a controlled flavor experience and enable users to rate the experience of each varietal within the app in order to keep track of preferences and effectiveness.

The RYAH is currently available for pre-order in the United States through the brand's website.

Photo Credit: RYAH