The Rubato Clock Alters Time in Order to Make the User More Productive

 - Nov 17, 2016
References: rubatoclock & kickstarter
The Rubato Clock is able to influence human behavior in a subtle but effective way – working to increase productivity and prevent procrastination.

The clock is named after the musical term 'rubato' that references when notes can be played with more flexibility and with a more relaxed interpretation of time. The clock aims to replicate this in a different way by subtly speeding up the minutes when it is switched to 'Productive Mode.' This mode creates the illusion that time is running out and as a result, promotes a sense of urgency for people trying to accomplish a task.

By subtly altering the user's perception of time, the Rubato clock offers a creative solution to people who find themselves losing focus or procrastinating while working or studying.