The Amco Rub Away Bar Eliminates Odors Using a Scientific Method

 - Dec 9, 2015
References: amzn & dudeiwantthat
Cooking with garlic and onion will inevitably leave a terrible smell on ones hands that never seems to truly wash away, so the Amco Rub Away Bar is innovatively designed to be used in place of soap. Crafted from stainless steel, the Amco Rub Away Bar works by creating a chemical reaction that's totally safe, even for those with sensitive skin.

The Amco Rub Away Bar works with the stainless steel bar, the sulphur on the hands, the water and oxygen to create a chemical reaction that neutralizes the smells in a matter of moments. As more consumers move back into the kitchen thanks to foodie culture, the Amco Rub Away Bar is a surefire hit with those looking to enjoy modern cooking, but skip the unwanted after effects.