These Colorful Circles are Cute Accessories for Your Walls

 - May 12, 2013
References: blog.freepeople
If your walls are bare and you're surviving on a student budget, you can try this colorful rope swirl tapestry DIY to spruce up your apartment for next to nothing.

Sometimes I find myself between a figurative rock and a metaphorical hard place. What I mean by that is that it can be difficult to put tasteful art on your walls without breaking the bank (and movie posters are inappropriate at this stage in my life). Alas, this simple rope swirl tapestry DIY provides appropriate wall coverage for under thirty dollars. Everyone wins.

If you want to make your own tapestry, cardboard, twine and brightly colored yarn are the only supplies you will need. Simply weave the twine around the cardboard cutout alternating between different shades of brightly colored yarn. The finished product will be something you'll be proud to display anywhere in your home.