Christian Astuguevieille's Creations are Textural and Riveting

 - Sep 26, 2011
References: hollyhunt & facebook
French artist Christian Astuguevieille's trademark technique is his wide usage of textile, in particular rope cord, to create all kinds of multi-sensorial installations and rope furniture.

Astuguevieille considers his works to be "dream detonators," as his objects are created from everyday materials to reanimate the space they're in, tickling the viewers' imagination. This is particularly true of Christian Astuguevieille's finest pieces of rope furniture: the wonderful Milukan Armchair, Centori and Centour Chairs. I never thought a piece of painted rope cord could be so exciting.

In order to create these unique rope furniture pieces, Astuguevieille first creates the wood base then he wraps the painted rope cords around it. The result is supreme: rope furniture that look like they have nothing to do with rope cords.

Additional Photos: Facebook