This Device by Roozbeh Jafari is a Wrist-Worn Translator for ASL

 - Oct 1, 2015
References: newswise & fastcoexist
Engineering professor at Texas A&M University Roozbeh Jafari created a unique wearable tech device that will translate American Sign Language into English. Through the use of a compatible mobile app and Bluetooth connectivity, the device will allow for easier communication for deaf people.

The smart device will read the hand gestures made by deaf people and translate them into English words. Each flick or the wrist or finger movement is recorded and transferred into the app which can be seen as written English words for those who do not use American Sign Language as a means of communication.

Roozbeh Jafari's device sends "data from two kinds of sensors to a notebook computer where the signs are decoded." Currently, the device is only in its prototype stage and can recognize 40 of the estimated 300 American Sign Language words.