Camilla Richter Unveils a Geometrically Colorful Optical Illusion

 - Jan 27, 2013
References: vimeo & blogs.artinfo
Those who love fun and quirky pieces of home decor will absolutely adore this colorfully unique room divider titled 'And A And Be And Not,' by Camilla Richter. While more of an art piece than practical home accessory, this uniquely colorful structure is designed to appear as an optical illusion.

Placed in sunlight, the room divider creates an optical illusion with its blend of colors and geometric shapes. The pieces becomes even more unique and compelling when you start to move the divider to different angles, creating a gorgeously compelling illusion of colors and shapes on the wall and floor.

This creative art piece is perfect for any gallery or for those who may want to spruce up their home interior with continuously changing shades of light.