The Rodolfo Moraga 'The Role Of Pinatas' Series Presents Famous Flicks

The Rodolfo Moraga ‘The Role Of Pinatas’ series recreates moments from classics with paper-mache. The installation uses a mix of sculpture, video, sound, dioramas and photography. Moraga is quoted on the 'If It’s Hip, It’s Here' website, saying that in his artwork he is looking for "an evolution in its most volatile form, questioning the social references that force themselves into the sensibility of the human eye."

In this series he references aquatic scenes in films from the killer shark from Jaws, a drowning Jack from the Titanic and the imaginary creature of Ariel from the Disney classic The Little Mermaid. The construction of these oceanic environments make for incredibly captivating photographs.

The playful reinterpretation found in Rodolfo Moraga ‘The Role Of Pinatas’ series is adorably quirky.