The Rocketskates Can Be Strapped Over Any Regular Footwear

 - Jul 10, 2014
References: kickstarter & gizmag
Rocketskates are motorized skates that can be strapped on over regular footwear to give you a choice between walking and 'motoring.' When wearers want to skate, all they need to do is tip their feet back so that only the wheels make contact with the ground. If they encounter something like a set of stairs however, they can tip forward and walk on the balls of their feet.

The Rocketskates' control mechanism is rather unique. Users start by picking a 'lead foot,' i.e. the foot that goes in front. They then turn both skates on, and wait for them to wirelessly sync with each other. Once synced, the user accelerates by tilting the lead skate forward and brakes by putting their heel down. The motors of the non-lead skate copy whatever the lead skate does.