The Rocketbook Wave Can Quickly Upload Pages to the Cloud

 - Aug 2, 2017
References: amazon & deals.kinja
Old-fashioned pen-and-paper note-taking still has plenty of benefits over digital alternatives, and the Rocketbook Wave is a notebook that aims to combine the best aspects of both poles. On the one hand, it has the freedom and tactility of a paper notebook, but it's still reusable and offers cloud connectivity like any other digital note platform.

The key to the Rocketbook Wave is its combination of QR codes, a graphical system, and clever erasure technology. The notebook itself looks like any paper booklet, with 80 dotted pages. However, each page comes with a QR code and a series of symbols at the bottom. Using the Rocketbooks app, users can snap pictures of the notes on each page to automatically upload them into the software of their choice, which they select by crossing out one of the symbols on the page.

The Wave is also completely erasable when used with an (included) FriXion pen. To erase, one places it in a microwave with a mug of water and heats it for about four minutes.