Build Your Own Robotic Hand Using Simple Hardware Store Products

 - Jun 12, 2013
References: youtube & mashable
Some people think it takes a genius to make a robotic hand, but apparently not so much anymore. Aaron Thomen’s ‘How to Make a $200 Robotic Hand’ videos on YouTube teach you to build your own mechanical hand from scratch, using simple hardware store purchases.

Aaron Thomen designed and constructed this robotic hand and its controller for less than $200. You’ll see some nuts and bolts and springs—stuff that you might even have lying around the house. Though it isn’t expensive to make, the Terminator-like hand is no dinky toy; it’s a command-responsive contraption with impressive finesse. The hand can even use a pair of scissors or lift a relatively heavy cup of water.

So next time you take a trip to the hardware store, keep an eye open for servomotors and an Arduino controller—the main components of Thomen’s DIY project. His video instructions on YouTube will teach you thoroughly about the whole process.