NASA's 'Robotic Arm Challenges' Crowdsource Freelance Designers for Science

 - Dec 7, 2017
References: freelancer & sciencealert
NASA is one of the world's top scientific organizations, but that doesn't preclude it from harnessing the power of the crowd, and its 'Robotic Arm Challenges' show just that. The America space agency teamed up with 'Freelancer', an online freelancing platform, to search out the best ideas from freelance designers around the world.

The Robotic Arm Challenges are so named because of the initial challenge proffered by NASA. Designers were asked to come up with original ideas for a robotic arm that would be used on NASA's Astrobee, a new generation of free flying robots on the International Space Station. After closing that initial run, NASA saw such impressive results that it opted to run further contests, having since included challenges for things like radiation shield designs and more.