Robert Tirado Mashes Digital & Analog to Produce Art

 - Feb 3, 2012
References: roberttiradoart & lacarpa.tumblr
These Robert Tirado illustrations are eclectic mash-ups of digital and analog artworks. Portions of his pieces will be painted, some parts drawn and other elements photographed. It’s what gives this talented Madrid-based artist’s visual creations its distinct feel, as audiences experience something that’s simultaneously sterile yet organic, clean yet messy and real yet artificial.

On his personal website, Robert Tirado explains he’s inspired by, "female beauty, fashion and photography." It’s no wonder then why his work often features chic women and can be seen in many fashion publications. He often employs pastel color palettes that give his work an 80s futuristic look. Geometry also plays a part in his illustrations as polygons are often seen lingering in the backgrounds of each brilliant rendering.