Robert Greene Paintings are Featured at Chanel Boutiques in Soho and LA

You may remember artist Robert Greene from his grossly enticing photo book 'Hairy' in which he presented a series of photographs of male body hair from the perspective of embracing its beauty.

But this forward-thinking artist is not just a brilliant photographer, he is also a painter whose wildly captivating oil paintings are on display in the newest Chanel boutiques in Soho and LA, in addition to being featured in the Robert Millert Gallery.

Greene uses the techniques of cutting, reapplying and repositioning with differing colors and textures in his attempt to create a sense of endlessness in his work. He loves seeing his work fit into a context, whether in people's homes or in stores, as opposed to simply hung in a gallery or in museum shows. Greene's paintings are each named after important people in his life, from Brian to Maurice to Eli. In his previous works, he would paint people inspired by them, but now that his work is more abstract, he uses the names to convey a sense of familiarity and personal flavour.

The vibrant colors, variety of textures and creative layout of his newest collection of paintings make Robert Greene a hot up-and-comer in the art world. You can see his work on display at the Robert Millert Gallery in New York from May 5th to June 18th.