Cody Cobb's Road Trip Photos Capture the Extreme Features of the US

 - May 22, 2017
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The category of road trip photos is elevated in this stunning series by Cody Cobb. Exploring one part of American state after another, the shots are more atmospheric than one would expect. It's not about people or even an experience, this artist's work is about land, moments and feelings.

It's fascinating to see the physical and geological fabric of the USA through Cody Cobb's lens with these next-level road trip photos. Expressing a palpable "chaos and silence," the imagery meditates upon the space of the great outdoors, in difficult-to-reach yet accessible locations that Americans can discover anytime. The images are an escape from reality even as they capture a reality devoid of human presence. The landscape photography series is philosophical and poetic, depicting a surreal terrestrial environment that urges us to refocus on the power of nature and the detriment of our impact upon it.