Road Construction Warning Lights Increase Workers' Safety

 - May 4, 2013
References: yankodesign
The image of a bright orange cone on the side of the street might seem obvious to you; however, a surprising number of accidents occur because drivers miss these deliberate obstacles. These Road Construction Warning Lights are intended to visually enhance the separation of high-risk areas, serving as additional barriers that can top existing traffic pylons.

Wang Jhih-Jie, Hsu Hsiang-Han, Luo Yih-Wenn and Wen Tzu-I designed their 'P. L. P. of Light' product so that each unit could generate its own power. Solar panels cap the devices and feed electricity into their batteries and, from there, it's passed into retractable OLED belts that can clip into other modules. The Road Construction Warning Lights system can completely cordon off street repairs and collision sites in a way that's unmissable.