The 'Rio Bar Brasil' Show Showcases the Spirit and Culture of Brazil

 - Aug 6, 2016
References: ouniversodatv
FOX Lab Brasil and Cachaça 51 partnered together to create 'Rio Bar Brasil,' a bartending reality show that emphasizes Brazilian culture.

'Rio Bar Brasil' brought eight bartenders from around the world to Rio for the show. The aim was to strengthen the new market position of Cachaça 51 as the drink of Brazil and part of the Brazilian culture. The reality show wanted to promote the integration of different cultures from around the world, with the spirit of Rio as the background. The bartenders come from Portugal, Spain, Chile, Germany, Argentina and Brazil. 'Rio Bar Brasil' is about creating unique experiences that showcase Brazil and Cachaça 51 place in Brazilian culture.

The series launched in Latin America, US and Europe, and features six 15-minute long episodes all available on FOX Play.