Ricochet Studio's Lighting Looks Like Shoes Tossed over a Telephone Wire

 - Jul 1, 2014
References: facebook & makezine
Stylish design firm Ricochet Studio is known for producing high-quality functional ceramic pieces that are designed to look seemingly like everyday objects. This piece, titled Shoe Toss, is a lighting system designed to look like a pair of shoes tossed over a telephone wire.

Sometimes when you're driving on a long country road you'll see a pair of sneakers that have been tossed over a telephone wire. It's an interesting sight to see a pair of worn out shoes swaying in the wind. The Shoe Toss lighting system creatively recreates this visual using ceramic materials. The worn out Nike and Converse-style sneakers are made from white ceramic and feature a white electrical cable in place of the laces. When you turn the lights on, the shoes give off a soft illuminating glow from inside the shoes.